Fuerpla system

Interchangeable trolley system for A-160 mixer and AO-160 vacuum mixer, allows us to make an efficient working system, that we can sum up in the following points:


  • You can work with several trolleys at the same time, making a working line with 2, 3 or more trolleys. As the same trolley can be used to be filled with the minced meat in the mincer machine, used to mix the meat in the mixer machine or it can also be unloaded into the continuous stuffer by a standard elevator. Several trolleys can be used in order to increase the productivity by moving the trolleys through the entire process (mincing-mixing-stuffing). You can have a trolley in the mincer machine getting the minced meat, a second one in the mixer and a third one in the elevator loading the continuous stuffer at the same time. Then, the empty trolley goes to the mincer machine, the trolley with the mixed meat goes to the elevator and the trolley with the minced meat goes to the mixer making a loop. The result is a continuous working process with little manpower and minimum manipulation of the product obtaining a better quality.


  • Avoids dead time. We save the time you use to load and unload a traditional mixer. With our mixer, we only have to open the mixer, remove the trolley with the mixed meat and put another in.


  • Easy to change the product. By using several trolleys, it is extremely easy to change products, as each trolley can be filled with the different products that are going to be mixed. Thanks to the tubular design of the paddle, this can be cleaned in 30 seconds, proceeding to change the product without wasting time.


  • Hygiene. The mass does no have to be touched with the hands during the entire process.