DBA-1 Conveyor belt with portioning device

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  • Conveyor belt to fill tubs or cans through a nozzle or anti-drip valve, with feed from the stuffer or filler.
  • Dose any type of product that can be processed in the filler (except liquids).
  • It can be attached to any stuffer or filler with portioner.
  • The anti-drip valve receives a portion start signal from the filler to open the valve and then a portion end signal to close the valve.
  • Production is determined by the speed of the stuffer.
  • The pistons position the container for filling, while another piston holds the empty containers on hold.
  • PLC to control photocells, pneumatic pistons and connection to filler.
  • Height and width adjustable railings for adaptation to different containers formats of different materials.
  • Nozzle holder, also adjustable in height to adapt to different containers formats.
  • Conveyor belt 1750x100mm (on request it can be supplied with other conveyor belt measurements).