Diaphragm Forming Device DN-50

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  • The diaphragm forming device that can be connected to any vertical, horizontal or continuous stuffer machine, ensures accurately formed portions with maximum accuracy. The filler machine feeds the forming device continuously.
  • Thanks to the touch screen and servomotor, we can configure any shape with maximum precision, such as meatballs, croquettes, conical, oval or even multiform shapes, as well as the number of portions desired per minute.
  • Impressive form accuracy is ensured by a diaphragm with perfectly-fitting contours. Continuous production makes up to 150 portions per minute possible with maximum weight accuracy.
  • With the different accessories of conveyor belt, we can achieve both the transport of the product to a packaging line, as the formation of hamburgers with the double tape system, producing burgers with homemade quality.
  • Available in two diaphragm sizes: DN-50 for diameters up to 50 mm and DN-70 for diameters up to 70 mm.
  • Power: 0,4 Kw – Net weight: 53 kg