Machinery for the Food and Pet Food Industries


Automatic doble-clipper CDO-250...

Stuffers – Filling Machines

Vertical stuffers EV-20/EV-30/EV-50 Vertical...


Manual portioner D-500 Diaphragm forming device...


Mixer A-50 Mixer A-85 Vacuum mixer AO-85/AO-85-A...

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Our machines are suitable for an infinite number of products: all kinds of sausages, hamburgers, pâtés, mash, salads, sobrasada, cheeses, omelettes, meatballs, croquettes…

Pet Food

We develop and produce high-quality mixing and kneading, stuffing and filling, portioning and forming systems for pet food manufacturers worldwide.

Machinery for the food and meat industry

Fuerpla Technology

Discover technological excellence in the food industry with our products.

We innovate to bring you state-of-the-art solutions that optimise production, ensure quality and increase efficiency at every stage.

With our advanced technology, we make a difference in the world of food.

Trust in the excellence of our technological approach!

Case Studies

See some of the case studies with our Fuerpla machinery.

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