Technology solutions for your pet food product

We develop and produce high-quality mixing and kneading, stuffing and filling, portioning and forming systems for pet food manufacturers all over the world.

In our offer, we provide flexibility and efficiency to your production line as a pet food producer. We recognise the ongoing challenge of adapting quickly to changing market needs, both in terms of ingredients and presentation. To deal with this dynamic, we offer efficient and flexible technology designed to meet your needs.

  • Wide variety of products, ranging from BARF, and canned wet feed to sticks, jerkies and kibbles.
  • Ensure maximum weight accuracy and meet the highest hygienic standards at all times.
  • Facilitate easy maintenance and reduce set-up times in case of product or format changes.
  • Provide flexible solutions for versatile applications: our vacuum fillers, vacuum mixers and complementary equipment enable the production of an almost infinite range of pet food products, giving you access to all segments of animal nutrition.


We are committed to being your reliable partner to ensure agility and success in a dynamic market.


We guarantee the hygienic production of BARF products with excellent texture and...

Wet Pet Food

Mincing, kneading, mixing and stuffing to finish canned, in trays, tubs or...

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