Meat machinery company

INDUSTRIAL FUERPLA S.L. is a meat machinery company founded on hard work, dedication and family understanding.

Fit was set up in Barcelona in 1970, and since then our aims have always been involved in the technology and quality of our products,

being awarded the prize for design and innovation at the very first international fair which we attended.

Located in Valencia since 1971, we moved onto the international market from our first year in business,

winning the Valencia Official Chamber of Commerce Award for Export in 1995.

We are a meat machinery company of mixers (with or without vacuum), stuffers/filling machines (vertical and continuous), portioners/forming devices, clippers, meat mincers/grinders, and electric boilers/cookers.

At present we have distributors almost all over the world, so are at the service of any sausage or cold meat producers who wish to get to know us.